Model Maker Training Course for Beginners

We produced a DVD where we cover the same content presented in our popular 1-day group session. With more than 400 copies sold to date, this DVD is a must for any office that uses Model Maker software.

The aim was to teach the viewer the basics of Model Maker in an uncomplicated manner. The DVD contains approx. 4.5hours worth of training material. Sessions are 15min on average. Below is an example of one of the videos of this popular DVD.


Minimum PC Requirements:

  • DVD Drive
  • MS Windows XP or newer
  • Minimum Screen resolution 1024×768
  • Latest Internet Web browser with Adobe Flash plug-in
  • Soundcard + Speakers/headset is required
  • Cost: R970.00 for DVD or R1070.00 for 8Gb Memory Stick.
  • Prices incl Shipping and Vat to your nearest Postnet





Topics covered on this DVD:

Session 1

Survey basics

  • How do the South African and UTM coordinate systems work?
  • How to determine Y & X or N & E?
  • How to determine Elevation (Z)?
  • Understanding LO bands in Model Maker?
  • How does Model Maker interpret different survey datum e.g. WGS84, UTM, and Clark 1880?
  • How does the angle system work?
Session 2

Desktop Layout & Toolbars

  • Introduction to the Model Maker desktop layout.
  • Customizing Toolbars
  • How to add and remove toolbars?
  • How to move toolbars to new positions?
  • How to add and remove buttons?
  • How to reset toolbars?
  • How to display button descriptions?
  • How to change menu animation settings?
  • How to create a new toolbar?


Session 3

Moving around on the screen

  • Using the mouse to move around?
  • Working with the Manipulate Plot Menu functions
  • Working with the Display Menu
  • Determine if and which data entities are loaded using the Status menu
  • How to set basic environment settings like Scale, Contour Interval & Contour Labeling
  • How to set basic environment settings
Session 4

Working with the help file

Session 5

Calculating Manual field observations

  • How to add survey stations?
  • How to calculate survey points from a known point?
  • How to convert an observed point to a station?
  • How to change an incorrect observation?
  • How to apply an orientation correction to a station?


Session 6

Loading Geo (Lat-Lon) co-ordinates


Session 7

Loading a list of coordinates from file

  • How to import co-ordinates
  • How to import ASCII data
Session 8

Importing electronic field observations

  • How to load field observations from file
  • How to load check your traverse process using double polar intersections
  • How to load observations from a total station


Session 9

Loading points manually

  • How to add points to the database
  • How to add points graphically
  • How to determine the point elevation based on an underlying triangle
  • How to extrapolate the elevation of a point from an existing triangle
  • How to use the same elevation of an existing point on a new point
  • How to edit the coordinates of an existing point
Session 10

Distance and Angle measurement

  • How to measure distance, direction, and slope difference between points using Joins and Polars
  • How to measure the length and direction of a CAD line
  • How to calculate the plan area of an irregular shape
  • How to Determine the perimeter length, radius, and plan area of a circle/arc
  • How to measure the angle between 3 points or two lines
  • How to determine the distance between two parallel CAD lines


Session 11

Understanding cursor snap modes

  • What is a snap mode
  • Applying some frequently used snap modes in practical examples
Session 12

The theory of contours using height interpolation

  • How does a contour know where it must go


Session 13

Triangle Manipulation (contouring)

  • How to add or delete single triangles
  • How to delete multiple triangles with a line
  • How to add multiple triangles automatically using CSearch
  • How to exclude certain points from triangulation
  • How to edit triangles or contours
Session 14

Triangle break line editing

  • How to edit triangles automatically using break lines
  • (DTM Detail lines option 4)


Session 15

Basic CAD functions

  • How to draw CAD lines, text, and circles
  • How to change CAD attributes e.g. Color, Layer, Font, etc.
  • Working with CAD Layers
Session 16

CAD scale rotate move (match)

  • How to import a dxf/dwg/dgn file
  • How to rotate, scale and move a drawing
  • How to use the REPEAT snap mode


Session 17

File Load, Save, and Backups

  • What are the different file formats used by Model Maker?
  • How do I save data?
  • How do I load or open an existing file?
  • Backups explained
  • Backup vs. Save Desktop
Session 18

How to print and export drawings

  • Setting up plotter vs. graphically displayed colors
  • How to determine the correct plot scale
  • How to add a paper window
  • How to output to the printer
  • How to output to DWG/DXF/DGN and other formats