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The duration will be roughly from 09:00 till 15:00 and will be one day only.

The final program will be communicated in due course.



Over the past year, we received many questions from our irrigation clients regarding coordinate systems, GPS settings, Google Earth and how to combine two GPS surveys that were surveyed in different coordinate systems.

We, therefore, identified a need among our Irri Maker users to put together a workshop that will clarify and hopefully solve common mistakes users make during the chain of events starting with planning a survey right through to returning to the farm for staking out.

1. We will discuss the basic theory behind coordinates and answer questions like:

  • What is WGS84 and Clark 1880
  • What is UTM
  • What is LO
  • Why do my coordinates plot in the ocean when viewed in Google Earth
  • Introduce Mapping Projections and how they are used

2. We will touch on coordinate datum transformations and explain how it is done in Irri Maker.

3. We will discuss, in broad terms, how a GPS work and what you can do to make sure your system is set up correctly.

We will also cover a few general functions that will certainly add value to your Irri Maker software and increase your service offering with minimal effort.

4. We will show how you can calculate dam water volumes quickly

5. Design earth dams using Model Maker’s quick dam design modules

6. We will show you how to calculate sloped surface areas for dam linings

7. How to create your company’s own title block with image logo



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