Duration: 1 Day – (08:30-15:30)

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Own PC: R2150.00

Rent a PC: R2700.00


Kolping Guesthouse
7 Biccard Street

Directions: Tel: +27 (0) 21 970 2900

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Topics covered in the Model Maker Introduction course are:

  • Survey basic
  • Desktop layout & toolbars
  • Moving around on screen
  • Working with the help file
  • Calculating manual field observations
  • Loading geo co-ordinates (lattitude and longitude)
  • Importing a list of co-ordinates
  • Importing electronic field observations
  • Loading points manually
  • Distance and angle measurement
  • Understanding cursor snap modes
  • The theory of contours using height interpolation
  • Triangle manipulation (contouring)
  • Triangle break line editing
  • Basic CAD functions
  • CAD scale rotate move (match)
  • File load, save and backups
  • How to print and export drawings
  • Importing and Exporting Google Earth



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