D230 Echo Sounder

The D230 is a new generation echo sounder from CHC. It is small, portable, robust and very accurate. The D230 is innovative and makes Hydrographic Surveying simpler and more productive.

Portable Echo Sounder

Sounding accuracy is ± 0.02 m + 0.1% x D (D is the depth of the water). Detection range 0.3 m to 200 m. The minimum 0.3 m range makes the D230 perfect for shallow water surveying.

The modular design makes it easy to test, repair and upgrade while the one-touch operation ensures it is easy to use.

D230 uses advanced water depth analysis software that automatically filters secondary echo. The D230 ensures accurate results by eliminating noise interference. Gain, power, and range are adjusted automatically.


  • Small and portable
  • Frequency: 200 KHz
  • Easy to connect to your computer and GNSS receiver
  • Flexible power supply options, 10 Volt DC to 30 Volt DC or 100 Volt AC to 240 Volt AC
  • Software controlled with automatically adjustable parameters
  • High-level anti-interference technology automatically filters the second echo







Spec Sheet: D230_DS_EN.pdf

Hydro Survey Software (optional)

CHC Hydro Survey 6 software can be applied for collecting RAW data, base map import, mapping, positioning, drawing the USV track real-time, data process, various coordinate file export.