MMS Design

Marine Construction

Autonomous cost effective surveying solutions from marine drones, echo sounders, hydro-survey software to cover your marine construction needs.

Our Marine Construction Survey Equipment Range:

We aim to not only to sell a product, but to provide a professional solution.

Apache6 USV

Multibeam USV Marine Drone
Turnkey multibeam echosounder autonomous USV system.

Apache4 USV

Autonomous hydrographic and bathymetric surveys USV

Apache3 USV

Cost-effective single beam marine drone

D230 Echo Sounder

The D230 is a new generation echo sounder from CHC. It is small, portable, robust, and very accurate.

D390 Single Frequency Echo Sounder

The D390 is a fully integrated and affordable single frequency echo sounder solution combined with the performance of an industrial PC.

HydroSurvey Software

Raw data collection, mapping, positioning, displaying real-time track, data processing, and coordinates files export.