Grader Control System

TG63 is a Grade Control system for Motor Graders with a tightly coupled dual-GNSS positioning system and inertial sensor, the TG63 provides reliable 3D positioning and heading to control the motor grader blade with the highest accuracy.

The TG63 is an affordable, complete machine control solution that enables contractors to get their work done faster, ensuring better results, overall data consistency, and less rework.

The TG63 boosts business in the short and long term, providing a professional grading control package that adds significant value to the grader fleets of contractors and engineering companies of all sizes.

System Benefits

  • Ensure ultimate accuracy within ±2 cm.
  • Intuitive GradeNav Software for quick operation.
  • Robust design > Strong and durable, perfect for complex and demanding construction environments.
  • Construction check > Operator can easily check and compare progress using high positioning accuracy and 3D design data.
  • Ease of use > Switching from auto to manual mode is performed with only a click of a button.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Save labor and fuel costs.


Added Value

  • Improve productivity.
  • Save time.
  • High-precision positioning.
  • Save labor costs.
  • Save fuel costs.








TG63 Sales Facts.pdf