Advanvced GNSS reference station for uninterrupted performances in geodetic and scientific applications.



Combine GPS, Glonass, Galileo and BeiDou

Powered by a 336-channel GNSS core engine, the P5E GNSS reference station provides geodetic-grade accuracy to any surveying project and scientific applications.

P5E GNSS Sensor


P5E GNSS Sensor


Compatible with L-Band and RTX™ correction signals

Connected to 3rd party L-Band corrections services, the P5E GNSS provides accurate, sub-decimeter positioning in virtually all regions where RTK networks, GSM coverage or traditional GNSS base station are not available.



Redundant power supply inputs and internal battery backup

Two external power inputs plus additional Power over Ethernet (PoE) sources make the P5E GNSS the ultimate choice for GNSS reference station deployment.

Its 17 000 mAh internal battery capacity supports up to 20 hours of backup operation in case of power failure.

P5E GNSS Sensor


P5E GNSS Sensor


Efficient memory management and versatile data access

Large storage capacity, cycling GNSS data recording and up to 8 independent logging sessions ensure the most efficient memory management.

GNSS data can be accessed via a secured web interface, built-in FTP server, or configured to be pushed to remote FTP sites.



The P5E GNSS reference receiver guarantees outstanding performances for all geodetic and scientific applications. Email alarms and automatic reconnection can be set based on real time self-diagnosis and status monitoring. Multiple user rights authorization, web interface restrictions and HTTPs encryption are applied to prevent unauthorized access. The integrated firewall, port and MAC filtering provide additional security layers.

With 32GB internal storage and up to 1TB external disk storage, the P5E provides reliable and up to 15 years GNSS data storage in industry standard formats.