MMS Design


Our GNSS antennas are commonly used in various applications, including surveying, mapping, geodetic measurements, precision agriculture, and more.

Our GNSS Antennas Range:

We aim to not only to sell a product, but to provide a professional solution.


The AT661 is a compact and rugged geodetic GNSS antenna delivering performances that compare to a conventional GNSS choke ring antenna.

  • Future proof full-GNSS signal tracking
  • Optimal multipath rejection and low elevation tracking
  • Stable and accurate phase center for geodetic applications


The AT312 is a versatile geodetic GNSS antenna designed for land surveying, construction and engineering applications.

  • Multi-constellation GNSS tracking
  • Advanced Multipath Mitigation
  • IP67 industrial design for use in harsh conditions


The C220GR2 is a high performance GNSS choke ring antenna optimised for reference station applications.

  • Multi-constellation GNSS tracking
  • Sub-millimeter phase center accuracy
  • Exceptional multipath rejection