MMS Design


High definition data controllers designed for accuracy, efficiency and productivity. 

Our Data Collectors & Controllers Range:

We aim to not only to sell a product, but to provide a professional solution.

LT60H Smartphone

The LT60H rugged smartphone is a reliable and effective tool for a variety of industries and applications that require centimeter or decimeter positioning accuracy. 


Ultra-rugged Android data controller with 5.5″ HD+ display for surveying and construction applications. Designed for the mobile workforce with NMEA stream ability.

LT700H RTK Tablet

LT700H is a Rugged RTK tablet GPS that was designed to increase efficiency and productivity. LT700H is perfect for GIS data capturing teams requiring centimeter to decimeter positioning accuracy.

LT700 Tablet

The LT700 rugged Android tablet increases the efficiency and productivity of your mobile workforce in different industries and applications. Featuring an 8-inch sunlight-viewable screen.