Introducing the NX510 Automated Steering System

High accuracy and economical steering solution for any field and various tractors.

The NX510 is a high accuracy automated steering system, specially designed for tillage, seeding, fertilization, pesticide, and harvesting applications. With its state-of-the-art steering controller and full GNSS RTK capability, the NX510 is quickly and easily mounted to various types of tractors and achieves ± 2.5 cm pass-to-pass accuracy.

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2.5 cm Pass-to-pass Accuracy

Using network or satellite-based RTK corrections, the NX510 GNSS+INS terrain compensation technology ensures ±2.5 cm accuracy on any terrain.

The advanced controller ensures RTK accuracy in seconds, provides smooth auto-steering and long-term repeatability while harrowing and fertilizing.


Intuitive AgNav software

AgNav supports multiple guidance patterns to fit different field layouts, including straight AB line, A+ line, circle line, irregular curve, and headland turn.

AgNav’s intuitive user interface enhances the user experience in all aspects way to perform field operations with high speed and accuracy.


Quick and Easy to Install

The NX510 can be fully installed in less than 40 minutes on most farm vehicles, significantly eliminating costly downtime. Featuring high connectivity and ISOBUS compatibility with all major equipment brands, it meets the most demanding agricultural applications and improves field operations.

NX510 Specifications:

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