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NX200 – Autosteer

NX200 is a new generation autosteer solution. It is designed for various precision agriculture applications and industries which include, satellite leveling, ditching, ridging, seeding, and inter-tillage etc.

The NX200 kit comes integrated with GPS, GLONASS, BDS, and Galileo, inertial navigation control modules. NX200 provides ports to output accurate position data to other systems.

With its, dual-antenna design it is sure to achieve high-quality positioning and orientation data. NX200 is bundled with a high precision hydraulic valve for precise control.

The high precision hydraulic valve allows the system to achieve minimal lateral deviation, as low as 2.5cm. Work modes include AB line, Equidistant curve, Adaptive curve, Circular curve, and Z-line to meet various user requirements.

Furthermore, the NX200 features an industrial level 8 inch TFT LCD panel with LED backlight and anti-glare leaving no trace of touching.





NX200 Control Box

  • Highly integrated inertial navigation, GNSS, and control unit modules.
  • Industrial aerospace materials, dust and waterproof.
  • Highly functional expandability such as seeding monitor and dispatch monitor.
  • Hydraulic Valve
  • High-precision proportional hydraulic valve.
  • Universal hydraulic valve, suitable for all open center, and closed center hydraulic system
  • A wide range of hydraulic flow, suitable for a variety of models.

LCD Screen

  • 8″ TFT LCD autosteer panel, LED backlight.
  • Four-wire resistive touch, responsive, easy to operate.
  • Industrial anti-glare coating surface, solid and reliable, touching without leaving traces.


  • Dual antenna with GPS/GLONASS/BDS/Galileo for gaining high-quality POS data.

High accuracy

NX200 control box comes with a high accuracy IMU, a board with a precise algorithm and dual antenna design that will ensure lateral deviation of no more than 2.5cm.

Diversified working line selection

Multiple work modes such as AB line, Equidistant curve, Adaptive curve, Circular curve, Z-line

High compatibility of different autosteer options

NX200 can install in different brand tractors that are autosteer ready or any tractor with a hydraulic steering system

Industrial level LCD screen

8-inch TFT LCD panel, LED backlight and four-wire resistive touch which is responsive and easy to operate. The screen is coated with an industrial anti-glare coating. It is solid and reliable and will leave no touch marks

Dual antenna design

Dual antenna with GPS/GLONASS/BDS/Galileo to achieve only the highest quality positioning and orientation data.

Multi-functional software

CHC AG Nav software can be set up with specific parameters that match the requirements of the implement. Various sensors such as angle sensors can be calibrated in the software. CHC AG Nav software is supported in Microsoft Windows and Android.



Spec Sheet: NX200 System_DS_EN

Brochure: NX200_DS_EN_Brochure.pdf

Technical Introduction: NX200 System_Solution_Presentation.pdf