Survey Maker is a program dedicated to the survey field, which includes solutions for the land surveyor, engineering surveyor, surface and underground mining surveyor, geodetic surveyor and hydro-surveyor.

This program is a new addition to the range of software developed by Model Maker Systems and currently undergoing many development changes as users request enhancements.

The program allows you to enter data ranging from Model Maker type files, to various electronic field books as well as manual input into the different calculation pages.

All relevant correction factors are used during calculations and limits of error calculations is applied where necessary.

Calculate various survey related functions or use it to generate a Surveyor General Diagram, working plan or general plan with ease.




Why modules? – So that each user can customize his own package and thus saving cost by not having to buy un necessary/unused software functionality.

Required Modules:

Survey points can be entered manually or imported from ASCII-files. Data can be manipulated with a user-friendly editor or graphically on screen. A separate beacon file interface allows for easy access to different beacon files with fully customizable beacon descriptions. All the general survey calculations is presented in a very easy to use way, with keyboard shortcuts, and mouse-only operations simplifying the calculation process. Calculations range from joins, polars, traverse, resection, erf calculations, intersection calculations and more. Transformations include Helmert- and Goldfields transformation. The printouts of the calculations may be printed, or saved for electronic mail and safe-keeping.

Required Modules: 1

This module allows for the complete method needed to produce Surveyor General diagrams as produced by professional land surveyors. This module is customizable to be used in any province of South Africa and in countries like Namibia, Zimbabwe. From the working plan, to the general plan and individual diagrams compiling the final result has never been so easy before.

Required Modules: 1

The levelling data from a field book can be reduced to final elevations with all corrections applied. For road cross-section levels you can import a horizontal alignment and export the surveyed points to a Model Maker YXZ file or Road Maker XX1 file.

Required Modules: 1

The mining modules is our latest addition to Survey Maker and caters for the specific needs of open cast as well as under ground mine surveyors. All calculations are done according to specification and reports are presented in a manner suitable for various governing body specifications. This module is still under development.

Required Modules: 1

The WGS84 Orion module is there for those users who need the capability to use ORION software to convert from the old Cape Clark datum to WGS84. This is only applicable to South Africa.



  • Joins: Single, Serial/consecutive, Radial
  • Polars: Single, Serial/consecutive, Radial, Double, Reverse
  • Intersections: 4 Points, By Direction, By Distance
  • Resection with least squares
  • Traverse with Bowditch
  • Sea Level and Scale corrections
  • T-t Correction
  • Weighted Angle corrections
  • Area calculations
  • Beacon Alignment
  • Mean Co-ordinates
  • Trigonometric Levelling
  • Transformations: 2D Helmert, Goldfields, Mean Shift, WGS85/UTM/Geographical/Cape Datum
  • Convert datasets between various distance units eg. Rood, Cape Feet, Meter, Chains etc.
  • 2D,3D or Levelling Network adjustment
  • Free point fix (double polars, resection, intersection in one)
  • Plot size calc using x number of points and 1 direction
  • Plot size calc using 2 points and 3 direction
  • Data Traverse
  • Cadastral Splay calculation
  • Consistency by Polars
  • Calculate points on a line for plot peg on a straight
  • Compare 2 co-ordinates
  • Opposite corner calculation
  • Parallel check and adjustment of CAD lines
  • Import, Export and Draw various CAD features
  • Export to Google Earth
  • Generate Diagrams, General Plans, Working Plans, Land Surveyor Certificates, Sectional Title plan