• HL Security keys are warranted against defect for 60 days. If any problem with HL keys arise that could not be solved by voice call, the faulty HL key needs to be returned to Model Maker Systems upon which a replacement will be sent.
  • Out of warranty, defective security keys may be replaced at a cost of ZAR 675.00 for single workstations and network keys at ZAR 2500.00 plus postage.



  • Delivery via courier within 3 days locally and up to 2 weeks internationally after payment is received.
  • All module upgrades which do not require HL key replacements will be upgraded on the same day via email if the order and proof of payment are received before 14h00. Please ensure that you provide the correct email address on the last page of this quotation.
  • Orders and proof of payments received after 14:00 may only be emailed the next business day.
  • Installation can be arranged at additional time and travel cost if required.



A 15% settlement discount will be given for all NEW software purchased subject to the following conditions:

  1. Payment is done electronically into our bank account prior to delivery
  2. Old to new version upgrades will not be discounted.
  3. The bulk order discount for more than one copy per order will be 20%, 30% and 40% for the second, third, fourth and more respectively. Bulk order discounts is only valid for purchases made on the same order and up to 1 month after original invoice date.
  4. If your the client pay the 30-day amount before delivery, no attempt will be made to refund the client the COD discount difference. Please ensure that you select and pay the correct amount when placing your order.



  1. All exports are quoted EX-WORKS Cape Town and are exclusive of South African VAT, payments to be made by bank transfer prior to delivery.
  2. Prices exclude bank charges, government taxes, duties, courier fees, installation, and training.
  3. Payment can also be made via PayPal (for VISA, MasterCard, etc) if required. An additional service fee of up to 5% of the quoted total due amount may be applicable. Please contact us if you prefer this method of payment upon which we will send you a PayPal invoice in US Dollars.



  • Windows 7 or later,
  • 64bit,
  • 2 GHz or better processor (i5, i7),
  • Min 4 Gb ram, preferably 8Gb RAM,
  • 350Mb free Hard Drive Space,
  • Monitor (minimum resolution 1280x960pixels),
  • Mouse,
  • USB Port for HL Keys



Free telephonic support will be provided for the first 60 days after which a software subscription agreement may be entered into.

  1. The software subscription agreement will provide you with:
    1. Free telephonic support for the duration of the software subscription term.
    2. Free Internet updates for the duration of the software subscription term.
    3. One-hour (non-accumulative) free consultation per month at MMS Design offices for the duration of the software subscription term.
    4. Remote support over the internet using TeamViewer
  2. The software subscription amount is an annual renewable amount and the value (calculated based on purchased modules less applicable discounts) will not escalate as long as the software subscription is renewed annually.
  3. A renewal notice will be emailed to you the month prior to the software subscription expiry month. The onus is on the client to keep track of the renewal due date and take necessary action to renew. Any change of address or contact persons must be supplied to MMS Design in writing only. If no order for renewal is received within 1 month after the last calendar day of the software subscription expiry month it will be accepted that the client no longer requires the software subscription. If the software subscription expired, upgrade fees may apply to reinstate the software subscription.
  4. The software subscription is supplied by MMS Design. Any additional software purchased will be quoted such that the software subscription cost is pro-rata and proportional to the remaining months of the existing software subscription term.
  5. There will only be one software subscription agreement and one license agreement with the client irrespective of the number of software licenses purchased. Additional licenses will be added to the current software subscription unless specified otherwise. Such requests will be done in writing upon which a separate account will be opened for billing purposes. Bulk discounts will be affected by this arrangement.



  1. MODEL MAKER SYSTEMS is the developer and MMS Design is the distributor of all the software subject to this quotation. A confirmation of distribution and sole supplier letter can be made available on request.



  1. Training is not included in the price. Various training options are available.
  2. To get started with Model Maker we have an excellent DVD option available.
  3. On-site training can be arranged at additional time and travel cost if required.



  1. To exchange an HL key for an SL key, the old HL key must be returned by express courier service to Model Maker Systems in Centurion within 7 days of the instruction to change HL to SL. Contact us for delivery
  2. The SL key will be managed via the internet and must be registered on the Model Maker Systems (MMS) database via the internet by running one of the MMS software products for the first time.
  3. The SL key can be authorized and un-authorized to work on a specific computer. The user email address and company account number is part of the authorization. MMS Design or Model Maker Systems will not do any of these actions on behalf of a user remotely.
  4. Once in any 30 day period (since the last active internet connection on program startup) an internet connection must be available for confirmation of the SL key status. If successful the 30
    day counter will reset itself back to zero (0) giving another 30 days internet free use.
  5. MMS Design must be notified in writing when a computer with an active SL key is stolen. A new key can be issued at no cost and the old key will be deactivated on the MMS database rendering the license on the stolen computer useless.
  6. Before an SL Key can be used, it is the user’s responsibility to test the internet connection to the MMS server.
    1. To do so, enter the following URL into your internet web browser and hit ENTER:
    2. The result must be similar to: OK: 2015/06/17 08:32:02 AM []