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Complete Base Kit
(Excludes tripod)
IMPORTANT! – Please contact us to make sure if the main board of this receiver and radio protocols will support your rover equipment before you buy.

The following items are included:

iBase GNSS Base receiver:
With Internal CHC 5w UHF Tx/Rx: 450-470 MHz
Can work as NTRIP Rover if you add a GPS pole and data collector
1x iBase GNSS Receiver
1x UHF Whip Antenna (450-470MHz)
1x Transport Hard Case for iBase
1x Tribrach Adaptor
1x H.I. Tape
1x Tribrach w/ Optical plumet
1x Extension Pole(30cm)
1x Auxiliary H.I. Tool
2x 7000 mAh Lithium Battery
1x C300 Battery Charger w/Power Adapter with cord



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