HCE300 is a professional GNSS data controller with an alphanumerical keypad and an extra bright, 4.3” sunlight readable screen. With an extremely fast processor, the HCE300 ensures a high level of efficiency and productivity when you need it most. As a data controller, the HCE300 is certified with a rugged IP68 rating surviving a 1.5-meter drop […]


The HCE320 is a professional Android field surveying controller which gives much flexibility to surveyors during fieldwork. This is a powerful and rugged GPS controller. It is durable and strong with an IP67 rating it can easily withstand a 1.2m fall onto concrete. It comes standard with an 8000mAh Li-ion battery capacity allowing users to […]

LT600 Rugged Tablet

LT600 Rugged Tablet can work as both a GNSS controller or a stand-alone GIS terminal giving the user a bigger display which enhances the accuracy of GIS or Survey data collection. It supports CHC LandStar 7 and many other GIS applications available on Google Play. Built on the Android 5.1 platform and a 4G GSM module, users […]


LT35 is a professional data collector. Designed for efficient field work in the most demanding conditions. LT35 is an ideal rugged field PDA for an extensive range of applications from GIS data collection and maintenance, agriculture field measurement, environmental control… With an integrated 3G network modem, LT35 offers advanced methods needed to access the Internet […]


The LT500T  is a handheld GNSS receiver that simultaneously track the single frequency channels of GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU aswell as Galileo Powered by the Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system, the LT500 is accurate, rugged and versatile. User productivity is enhanced with a built-in gyroscope, an innovative laser plummet to quickly position the handheld receiver over a […]